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Pink Tiger Day Raises $42,000 for Breast Cancer

The Shakespeare Partners Pink Tiger Day has once again proved to be a huge success by raising a record $42,000 for the McGrath Foundation, taking our overall contribution to over $270,000 over the passed eight years. The 250 people who bought tickets enjoyed complimentary food and drink, as well as a live band and plenty of laughs courtesy of our fundraising auctioneer, Tiny Holly. The significance of the event was highlighted by guest speaker Tracy Bevan, co-founder and director of the McGrath Foundation who made the trip over from the Eastern States and praised the continued support that we as a football club provide to the McGrath Foundation. A huge thank you to Mark Hayter and his team for the months of hard work and planning that were put in to making this day possible. Many thanks to the countless sponsors, helpers and everybody who bought tickets, who all played a part in making the day as special as it always is.

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